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Knabe & Mankowitz Collection Paul McCartney, 1967


From the Knabe Mankowitz Collection: A special collaboration between Walter Knabe, an American multi-disciplinary fine artist, and renowned English rock and roll photographer, Gered Mankowitz. 

The second in the collection is Paul McCartney, titled Paul ‘67. The edition of 200 was created using a 1967 monochrome portrait photo shot by Mankowitz.

Walter and Gered collaborated to create artwork that captured the “Paul McCartney look” along with this electric time period by including fluorescent pin stripes on the jacket and fashioning the Union Jack scarf to be vivid and eccentric. While portraying the 1960’s London look, they wanted to retain the natural and genuine attitude that Paul brought to this casual photo.

The 18” x 27” piece is signed by both Knabe and Mankowitz. It blends Knabe’s signature hand crafted screen printing and hand painted detail using 16 paint colors intricately layered on heavy, tactile paper.


Limited Edition Screenprint

Edition of 200

18″ x 27″ Unframed