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The Yardbirds “Bowler Hat” Platinum Print


Platinum prints are among the most beautiful and permanent forms of photographic reproduction, revealing textures, depth and tones that are unmatched by other processes. This is an ancient and complex process, with a dwindling number of specialist printers still able to make these rare and lovely prints. Max Caffell, who makes these beautiful prints for me, has an international reputation as a master of the technique.


I took this during the brief period in 1966 when both Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck were in the band. We were shooting close to my studio in Ormond Yard when I spotted a gent in a bowler hat and managed to shoot him as he appeared between singers Keith Relf’s legs!


Each Platinum print is 15″x19″ in size and has been produced in an edition of 35 prints with numbers 1-20 only available as part of the complete Platinum Icons Box set and numbers 21-35 available as individual prints.


Each print is supplied in a museum quality window mount embossed with the title of the image

Each print is numbered & signed below the image in pencil