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Jimi Hendrix “Classic” Platinum Print


“Platinum prints are seductive.  The kinship between platinum prints and rock music is sensuality.  With Platinums, you feel the picture, you just don’t look at it.  You get into it, journey through the delicate shades of grey – go from pale perfection to beauteous blacks – and lose yourself in the pleasure of the print.”

From the forward to the box set by Gail Buckland



Jimi Hendrix “Classic” Mason’s Yard 1967

This image of Jimi has become one of the most famous portraits of the great musician ever taken and has sold out completely in its smaller silver gelatin editions, making this Platinum version the last available small print edition.

Each Platinum print is 15″x19″ in size and has been produced in an edition of 35 prints with numbers 1-20 only available as part of the complete Platinum Icons Box set and numbers 21-35 available as individual prints



Each print is presented in a custom made museum quality window mount with the title of the print embossed into it

Each print is signed and numbered under the image in pencil