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Knabe-Mankowitz Jimi 67 Silkscreen print


25 in stock

Only 25 prints will be initially available for the UK & Europe – for US enquiries please go to Walter’s Site


I was so delighted when Walter first approached me with the proposal that we collaborate on a Silkscreen project. His work is amazing and his expertise in the craft of print making is second to none, so I jumped at the chance to join him and create something new!


Although this past 18 months or so has been exceedingly difficult and for millions around the globe absolutely horrific, as artists our creative minds do not stop, and it has been a privilege to collaborate with Walter on this project during the Pandemic.


This 24” x 24” artwork piece blends Knabe’s signature hand-crafted screen printing and hand-painted detail using 18 paint colors intricately layered on hand-torn heavy, tactile paper to create just 200 unique fine art prints.


Each print is individually signed & numbered by both Walter & Gered………..


Our intention as that Jimi 67 should be the first in a series of prints and I am extremely excited because we have started on the next two pieces which I hope we will launch later in 2021 or early in 2022.